Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poem "Young Brother Song"

This is an Old Poem I had made back early September of 2007. I noticed it was just sitting on my myspace so I decided to put it here. Poetry in motion feel me.

"In Due Time..Young Brother"

"Young Brother Song,
The world hasn't embrassed your gift,
Upon those that have tried but failed,
Though docks are full,
Young Brother don't resign your trip,
Ships sunk in denial of the ships they sailed,
You must trust Young Brother,
Thy gift thy craft,
Glory knows no weak of heart,
The shadow above,
Will not follow you upon thy path,
The mind illuminates on which was dark,

This Young Brother Song In Due Time,
You shall use my words,
As fuel for the road to come,
This Young Brother,
In Due Time you shall truely observe,
What patients, determination have made you become,

In Due Time.."

Ricardo Jorge

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  1. Just floating through to see what's good.

    My translation of your work is that Patience is a Virtue.


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